Osomatsu-kun (1966)


Mainichi Broadcasting System, Childrens Corner, Studio Zero


56 (60 total airing slots)

Air dates

February 5, 1966 - March 25, 1967


NET and other affiliates

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The first anime adaptation of Osomatsu-kun aired from February 5, 1966 to March 25, 1967 on NET (now TV Asahi). It was produced by Mainichi Broadcasting System, with Childrens Corner handling animation for the first 25 episodes and Studio Zero for the rest.

This marked Osomatsu-kun as the first Akatsuka work to be adapted into animated format.


An Osomatsu-kun anime was originally considered to be developed in 1965, but such a project became delayed in its process due to poor working conditions of Studio Zero at the time. In addition, stakeholders from MBS had already offered to adapt the anime and had slated for Childrens Corner to be the production studio.

The finished result, which would ultimately start broadcast in February 1966, wound up involving both animation studios for the halves of the show.

This adaptation was closer to the Shonen Sunday manga that was running at the time, in comparison to the second TV adaptation. However, there were some adjustments made to the adaptations of stories; Iyami and Chibita were written into earlier plots, taking the places of random guest characters. Other characters like Hatabō were also added, and the original punchlines could also be removed or entirely altered. Other newly-created gags would also be put into the episode to replace material, or to add in extra slapstick.

Most episodes were divided into two unrelated shorts, although there were cases where two-part stories would be featured. Some later episodes would also contain only one new short, opting to rebroadcast an earlier story along with it. Towards the end of the run, perhaps due to budget or other reasons in wrapping it up, some airing slots (including the final three) entirely consisted of rerun segments.

In memoirs by Kunio Nagatani, he had claimed that Fujio Akatsuka disliked the early episodes produced by Childrens Corner, due to the inexperienced animators that resulted in a lot of off-model moments. Due to his claims, it was believed this is why Studio Zero took control for the later half of the series, along with Akatsuka giving the proposal for "Chibita the Safe-Cracker" to be adapted as a two-parter. However, it is also to note that at the time of the series' production, Akatsuka was also credited as being the story supervisor as well as being the one to give final approval on the animation retakes for episodes, indicating he had involvement from the start.

Besides the Osomatsu-kun manga serialized in the Shogakukan magazines, some chapters of the manga Kantaro (serialized in Shueisha's Shonen Book) were adapted and rewritten to be episodes about Chibita, as both characters were identical and Chibita was becoming popular. In some cases, the segments would wind up having the other -kun characters incorporated as well. The story of "Great Car Race of the Century", which appeared as an extra feature in Weekly Shonen Sunday, was also adapted into an episode ("The Grand Prix Annihilation Race").

After the series was rebroadcast on Tokyo Channel 12 (now TV Tokyo) in the early 1970s, the film masters went missing and were believed lost or destroyed. The reels to the series were found in a MBS Senrioka warehouse in 1990, and it has seen home video release on VHS and DVD since.

Characters that appear in the 1966 anime

Main and Recurring:


And many more...


  • Osomatsu- Midori Kato
  • Karamatsu, Choromatsu- Keiko Yamamoto
  • Ichimatsu, Todomatsu- Haruko Kitahama
  • Jyushimatsu- Mie Azuma
  • Totoko- Fuyumi Shiraishi, Kazuko Sawada (episode 4, 27-32)
  • Iyami- Kyoji Kobayashi
  • Chibita- Kazue Tagami (1-25), Yoko Mizugaki (26-38, 40, 41, 43, 50), Kazuko Sawada (39-finale)
  • Mother- Mitsuko Aso (1-25), Takako Kondo (27-finale)
  • Father- Joji Yanami (1-25), Kyoji Kobayashi (27-28), Yasuaki Suzuki (29-finale)
  • Hatabō- Midori Kato
  • Dekapan- Takuzo Kamiyama (1-25), Setsuo Wakui (26-finale)
  • Dayōn- Takuzo Kamiyama (episode 1), Hiroshi Otake (all other appearances)
  • Additional Voices by- Tadashi Nakamura, Hiroshi Masuoka, Kinryū Arimoto, Toshio Kitayama, Mari Kitagawa, Kiyoshi Komiyama, Akira Shimada, Kumiko Morikawa, Shinsuke Chikaishi, Gen Nakajima

The sextuplets' actors were not consistent through the full series run, save for those of Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu (see "Trivia" for more).

Hatabo's actress was incorrectly believed to be Takako Sasuga due to the book "TV Anime Memories of 25 Years" claiming such, however the book was later found to have many unsourced claims or mistakes with credits. The character was never credited in the series, with the exception of episode 21.


  • Original manga, Supervision- Fujio Akatsuka
  • Director, Production Chief- Makoto Nagasawa
  • Music- Urahito Watanabe (1-25), Keitaro Miho (26-finale)
  • Planning and Production- Mainichi Broadcasting System, Childrens Corner (1-25), Studio Zero (26-finale)

Program Sponsors

  • Marumiya (Curry Powder)
  • Kobito (Chocolate)

Theme Songs

"Osomatsu-kun Song" (おそ松くんのうた)

Lyrics- Fujio Akatsuka/ Composer - Urahito Watanabe/Singers- Mitsuko Aso, Midori Kato, Keiko Yamamoto, Haruko Kitahama, Mie Azuma, Kazue Tagami, Kyoji Kobayashi

Used as the opening for episodes 1-25.

"Osomatsu-kun Song 2" (おそ松くんのうた 2)

Lyrics- Fujio Akatsuka/ Composer - Keitaro Miho/ Singer- Makoto Fujita

Used as the opening for the remainder of the series.

Instrumental versions of both themes are used for the ending credits in their respective portions of the series, however the first ending sequence does contain a set of lyrics missing from the full record release of "Osomatsu-kun Song". These lyrics, sung by the sextuplets and Iyami, relate to Iyami as a character.

List of Episodes

No. Title Air Date
1 Episode 1A: Leave the House Sitting to the Dog/Episode 1B: The Beggar Robot[1]


February 5, 1966
2 Episode 2A: Iyami's Fishing Pond/Episode 2B: 40 Thieves[2]


February 12, 1966
3 Episode 3A: Chibita's Strategy with a Stray Cat/Episode 3B: A Thief Fell from the Sky[3]


February 19, 1966
4 Episode 4A: The Helpful Robot/Episode 4B: Iyami's Cleaning Store

「お手伝いロボット」 /「イヤミのクリーニング屋」 [4]

February 26, 1966
5 Episode 5A: There's the Shortcut/Episode 5B: Laughing Costs 1 Billion Yen![5]


March 5, 1966
6 Episode 6A: Targeted Osomatsu/Episode 6B: Chibita's Martial Arts[6]


March 12, 1966
7 Episode 7A: The Magical Tea Kettle/Episode 7B: The Angry Superman

[7] 「魔法のヤカン」/「怒れスーパーマン」

March 19, 1966
8 Episode 8A: It's All Fine Until You Take Off His Hat/Episode 8B: Hunting for Boars

[8] 「帽子をとったらハイそれまでよ」/「いのしし狩り」

March 26, 1966
9 Episode 9A: Iyami the Dentist/Episode 9B: Defeat the Enemies of the Mosquitoes!

[9] 「イヤミの歯医者」/「ぼうふらちゃんの仇を討て」

April 2, 1966
10 Episode 10A: I am Chibita the Giant!/Episode 10B: Pepen Counterattack Strategy

[10] 「ぼくはジャイアントチビ太!」/「逆襲ペペン作戦!」

April 9, 1966
11 Episode 11A: Osomatsu-kun gets Adopted/Episode 11B: Chibita the Invisible Human

[11] 「養子になったおそ松くん」/「チビ太の透明人間」

April 16, 1966
12 *Episode 12A: The Cutie who Moved Nearby/Episode 12B: The Smog Family's Rampage

[12] 「ひっこしてきたカワイコちゃん」/「大あばれスモッグ一家」

April 23, 1966
13 Episode 13A: The Opposite Head Experiment!/Episode 13B: Iyami the Designer

[13] 「オツムの実験ぜったい反対!」/「イヤミのデザイナー」

April 30, 1966
14 Episode 14A: Iyami's Ninja Methods/Episode 14B: Keke, I'm the Class President!

[14] 「忍法イヤミ流」/ 「クラス委員はケケおれだい!」

May 7, 1966
15 Episode 15A: Chibita, Did You Turn Into a Dog?/Episode 15B: The Suspicious Transfer Student

[15] 「イヌになった?チビ太」/ 「あやしい転校生」

May 14, 1966
16 Episode 16A: The Time Machine Sends Us to the Stone Age/Episode 16B: Junk Strategy

[16] 「タイムマシンで石器時代へ」/ 「がらくた作戦」

May 21, 1966
17 Episode 17A: Chikako-chan and Chibita/Episode 17B: Don't Wake the Sleeping Child

[17] 「チカ子ちゃんとチビ太」/「ねてる子を起こすな」

May 28, 1966
18 Episode 18A: Suspicious Presents/Episode 18B: See Doctor Chibita for Tooth Decay

[18] 「あやしき?プレゼント」/虫歯のことならドクトルチビ太へ」

June 4, 1966
19 Episode 19A: Where's Chibita Going?/Episode 19B: Chibita's Girlfriend


June 11, 1966
20 Episode 20A: Iyami the Rude Guest/Episode 20B: Chibita the Sailor[20]


June 18, 1966
21 Episode 21A: Iyami in France/Episode 21B: Father Ran Away[21]


June 25, 1966
22 Episode 22A: Iyami's Diamond Dentures/Episode 22B: Forward! Cat Troopers[22]


July 2, 1966
23 Episode 23A: A Suspicious Mynah Bird/Episode 23B: Chibita's Lullaby[23]


July 9, 1966
24 Episode 24A: Get that Lousy Fugitive!/Episode 24B: I'm Rich, Jo[24]


July 16, 1966
25 Episode 25A: The Super Cheap Old Man/Episode 25B: Mountain Climbing, Hoe Hoe[25]

「スーパーケチのおじいさん」/ 「ホエホエ山のぼり」

July 23, 1966
26 Episode 26A: A French Fortune Telling Machine/Episode 26B: We'll Do Anything in 6 Rounds![26]


July 30, 1966
27 Episode 27A: The Dad Robot Strategy/Episode 27B: Stop Them! The Lying Duo[27]


August 6, 1966
28 Episode 28A: Rickety Camp Riot/Episode 28B: Be a Guard Man! Osomatsu-kun[28]

「おんぼろキャンプ騒動」/ 「ガードマンだぞ!おそ松くん」

August 13, 1966
29 Episode 29A: The Sextuplets Become Seven/Episode 29B: Promotional Sales War[29]

「七人になった六つ子」/ 「うりこみ合戦」

August 20, 1966
30 Episode 30A: This is Kumamatsu/Episode 30B: Chibita Is a Pet[30]


August 27, 1966
31 Episode 31A: The Weather Professor Goronyan/Episode 31B: Lonely Kappataro[31]

「ゴロニャンお天気博士」/ 「ひとりぼっちのカパ太郎」

September 3, 1966
32 Episode 32A: Don't Speak the Truth/Episode 32B: The 100,000 Yen Ghost Phone[32]

「ほんとのこというな」/ 「10万円の怪電話」

September 10, 1966
33 Episode 33A: Iyami's Fake Beach House/Episode 33B: Chibita's Big Circus[33]


September 17, 1966
34 Episode 34A: Chibita's Tightrope/Episode 34B: Osomatsu is a Bad Kid[34]


September 24, 1966
35 Episode 35A: I Hate this Naughty Dog!/Episode 35B: A Crying Child Summons the Ant Troops[35]


October 1, 1966
36 Episode 36A: Chibita's Oden Neurosis/Episode 36B: Fool the Tanuki![36]


October 8, 1966
37 Episode 37A: Papa, Please Don't Smoke/Episode 37B: Chibita Flies Through the Skies[37]


October 15, 1966
38 Episode 38A: Only Chibita Has Filial Duty/Episode 38B: Golf is Expensive, Jo[38]


October 22, 1966
39 Episode 39: Dekapan's Big Horse Race

[39] 「デカパン杯いじわる大競馬」

October 29, 1966
40 Episode 40A: It's a First Class Car Race, Jo/Episode 40B: Chibita the Zookeeper[40]


November 5, 1966
41 Episode 41A: A Fight Over a Flower/Episode 41B: Osomatsu-kun, Were You Kidnapped?[41]


November 12, 1966
42 Episode 42: I've Quit Safe-Breaking!

[42] 「金庫破りはやめた!」

November 19, 1966
43 Episode 43A: The Grand Prix Elimination Race/Episode 43B: The Search for Chibita's Parents[43]


November 26, 1966
44 Episode 44: Let's Try to Ski for Free

[44] 「タダでスキーをしよう」

December 3, 1966
45 *Episode 45: Please Return My Bonus!/Episode 30A: This is Kumamatsu (rerun)[45]

「わしのボーナスをかえせ!」/「それいけクマ松」 (再放送)

December 10, 1966
46 Episode 46A: The Arsonist Loves Oden/Episode 46B: Fighting Robot Rampage

[46] 「放火魔はオデンが好き」/「けんかロボット大暴れ」

December 17, 1966
47 Episode 47: A Dreadful Christmas Season, Zansu/Episode 29A: The Sextuplets Become Seven (rerun)[47]

「クリスマスきびしいザンス」/「七人になった六つ子」 (再放送)

December 24, 1966
48 Episode 48A: Guide to a Bear Parent and Child/Episode 48B: Dekapan Olympics

[48] 「クマの親子ご案内」/「デカパンオリンピック」

December 31, 1966
49 *Episode 49: Totoko-chan's New Years' Card/Episode 5B: Laughing Costs 1 Billion Yen! (rerun)[49]

「トト子ちゃんの年賀状」/「ビローンと笑って百万円」 (再放送)

January 7, 1967
50 Episode 50A: Skiing in a French Fashion/Episode 50B: I Do Not Need the Magic Lamp Anymore

[50] 「スキーもおフランス式」/「魔法のランプはもういらない」

January 14, 1967
51 Episode 51: The Scary Old Hag/Episode 32A: Don't Speak the Truth (rerun)[51]

「オニババこわーい」/「ほんとのこというな」 (再放送)

January 21, 1967
52 Episode 16A: The Time Machine Sends Us to the Stone Age (rerun)/Episode 21A: Iyami in France (rerun)

「タイムマシンで石器時代へ」(再放送)/「イヤミのおフランス軒」 (再放送)

January 28, 1967
53 Episode 52: Keke, I'm a Great Detective/Episode 1A: Leave the House Sitting to the Dog (rerun)

[52] 「ケケッぼくは名探偵」/「るすばんは犬にまかせろ」 (再放送)

February 4, 1967
54 *Episode 53: My Head Shines the Brightest in the World/Episode 37A: Papa, Please Don't Smoke (rerun)

[53] 「おつむのかがやき世界一」/「パパ、タバコやめなさい」 (再放送)

February 11, 1967
55 *Episode 54: Go to Chibita's Jungle!/Episode 38B: Golf is Expensive, Jo (rerun)

[54] 「チビ太ジャングルへ行く」/「ゴルフ高くつくジョー」 (再放送)

February 18, 1967
56 *Episode 55: Chibitaro was Born from a Peach/Episode 43A: The Grand Prix Elimination Race (rerun)

[55] 「モモから生れたチビ太郎」/「グランプリ全滅レース」 (再放送)

February 25, 1967
57 Episode 56A: Kekeke, A Surprise Sky Attack/Episode 56B: A Special Program・We are Sextuplets

[56] 「空から突撃ケケケッ」/「特別番組・これが六つ子だ」

March 4, 1967
58 Episode 42: I've Quit Safe-Breaking! (rerun)

「金庫破りはやめた!」 (再放送)

March 11, 1967
59 Episode 44: Let's Try to Ski for Free (rerun)

「タダでスキーをしよう」 (再放送)

March 18, 1967
60 Episode 39: Dekapan's Big Horse Race (rerun)


March 25, 1967


  • The sextuplets' voices sometimes change over the run of the series, depending on the availability of the actresses for a given episode (see also Cases of Understudying and Replacements in Osomatsu-kun). Fuyumi Shiraishi is shown to have occasionally understudied for Karamatsu and in turn, Keiko Yamamoto and Mari Kitagawa had also covered the dual roles of Ichimatsu and Todomatsu.
    • In some early stages, Keiko Yamamoto was left absent from the credits while she was actually present, with the alias "Emiko Suzuki" appearing instead and attributed to Karamatsu (while she voiced both him and Choromatsu). Her usage of the alias came about due to already being cast for the lead of Fight! Osper and not being able to be credited as another lead role at the time[57]


  1. A skit adapts the chapter "Leave the Babysitting to the Dog" (るす番はイヌにまかせろ), B skit adapts "Setting Up a Beggar Robot" (こじきろぼっともうけてちょ).
  2. A skit adapts the chapter "A Nasty Fishing Moat of Iyami Fish" (いやみなつり堀 いやみなさかな), B skit adapts "Osomatsu and the 40 Thieves" (おそ松と40人の盗賊).
  3. A skit adapts the chapter "Attack! The Wild Cat Strategy" (とつげきーっ!ノラネコ作戦), B skit adapts "We'll Come in Trekking from the Sky" (空からツリバリ チクリとくるよ).
  4. A skit adapts the chapter "The Squeaking Household Help" (キーコキーコとおてつだい), B skit adapts "Please Do a Laundry Service Seriously" (クリーニング屋まじめにやれよ).
  5. A skit adapts the chapter "The Shortcuts are Here and There" (ちか道はあちらこちら), B skit adapts "A Million Yen Laughter and Tongue Sticking Out" (ビローンとわらって百万円).
  6. A skit adapts the chapter "Sextuplets Surprised to be a Dozen" (びっくり六つ子が一ダース), B skit adapts "Let's Roll the Video Tape Once Again" (ビデオテープでもう一度).
  7. A skit adapts the chapter "Alachibi and the Magic Kettle" (アラチビと魔法のやかん), B skit adapts "Don't Tease a Frog" (カエルさんをいじめるな).
  8. A skit adapts the chapter "It's All Fine Until You Take Off His Hat" (帽子をとったらはいそれまでよ), B skit adapts "Papa's Monthly Salary is 400,000 Yen" (パパの月給40万円).
  9. A skit adapts the chapter "Dr. Iyami Examines a Crocodile's Teeth" (イヤミのは医者はワニの歯をみる), B skit adapts "A Timed Bomb Explosion at 1 o'clock" (時限爆弾1時にばくはつ).
  10. A skit adapts the chapter "A Giant Chibita Appears!?" (巨大チビ太出現!?), B skit adapts "Pepen Counterattack Strategy" (逆襲ペペン作戦).
  11. A skit adapts the chapter "A 50,000 Yen Allowance" (こづかい毎日五万円), B skit adapts "Let's Disappear for 10 Yen" (10円だしてきえましょう).
  12. A skit adapts the chapter "The Cutie Living Next Door" (となりのかわい子ちゃん), B skit adapts "The Simple Smog Family" (せいぞろいスモッグ一家).
  13. A skit adapts the chapter "An Animal Experiment Using the Sextuplets" (六つ子をつかって動物実験), B skit adapts "A Designer that Returned from France" (おフランスがえりのデザイナー).
  14. A skit adapts the chapter "The Garden Guard Sextuplets" (お庭番六人衆), B skit adapts "One Pleasant Vote for Chibita!" (チビ太に清き一票を!).
  15. A skit adapts the chapter "Why Does Chibita Cry So?" (チビ太なぜなくの), B skit adapts "A Student Hat with a Key" (かぎのかかった学生帽).
  16. A skit adapts the chapter "Osomatsu-kun Goes to the Stone Age" (おそ松くん 石器時代へいく), B skit adapts "Chibita's Junk Strategy" (チビ太のガラクタ作戦).
  17. A skit adapts the chapter "I'll Use a Proposal" (ふきかえつかってプロポーズ), B skit adapts "I'm Going to Have a Sleepless Child" (ねむれない子のおもりをします).
  18. A skit adapts the chapter "Dear Doro-chan-sama" (はいけいドロちゃんさま), B skit adapts "Come Come See the Child of Tooth Decay!" (むしばのお子さまカムカムよ!).
  19. A skit adapts the chapter "Do-si-la-so-Run Away!" (ドシラソハミデタ), B skit adapts "Chibita's Lover, Butako-chan" (チビ太の恋人 ブタ子ちゃん).
  20. A skit adapts the chapter "Send Away that Unpleasant Iyami!" (いじわるイヤミをおっぱらえ), B skit adapts "Farewell to the Sailing Chibita" (さらばチビ太の船出だい).
  21. A skit adapts the chapter "Iyami in France" (イヤミのおフランス軒), B skit adapts "Respect your Father!" (とうさんをソンケ―しろ!).
  22. A skit adapts the chapter "Me's Teeth are Diamond Dentures" (ミーのでっ歯はダイヤの入れ歯), B skit adapts "The Oden Bouncers" (おでんの用心棒).
  23. A skit adapts the chapter "An Awful Black Bird on Bird Day" (腹黒九官鳥とバードデー), B skit adapts "Chibita Became a Mama" (チビ太はママになりました).
  24. A skit adapts the chapter "It's Not Easy to be a Hitchhiker" (ヒッチハイクもらくじゃない), B skit adapts "The Mark of Hatabō" (ハタ坊をマークしろ).
  25. A skit adapts the chapter "Let's Learn from the Greatest Miser in History" (史上最大のケチを学ぼう), B skit adapts "It Rains from the Mountains" (お山にからい雨がふる).
  26. A skit adapts the chapter "Looking for the Boss of a Crow" (カラスのぼうやをさがしてほスい), B skit adapts "We'll Do Anything in 6 Rounds" (なんでもやるよ6回戦).
  27. A skit adapts the chapter "Papa's Lonely Sunday" (パパのちびしい日曜日), B skit adapts "A Scammer Comes to Town!" (インチキ野郎町へくる!).
  28. A skit adapts the chapter "Despondent Camping" (しょぼくれキャンプ), B skit adapts "Industrial Spying for 10 Yen" (10円もらって産業スパイだ).
  29. A skit adapts the chapter "I Now Have Seven Sons!" (わしのむすこが7人もいるーっ!!), B skit adapts "Good Morning Medicine and Good Night Medicine" (オハヨウ製薬とオヤスミ製薬).
  30. A skit adapts the chapter "A Bearish Mountain Climb" (ほんとにクマった山のぼり), B skit adapts "Chibita! Be a Child of Dekapan!" (チビ太!デカパンの子どもになれ).
  31. A skit adapts the chapter "The Weather Forecast Authority" (天気予報の大先生), B skit adapts "Osomatsu's Kappa Friend" (おそ松はかっぱのおともだち).
  32. A skit adapts the chapter "Get that Esper Kitty!" (エスパーニャンコをねらえ), B skit adapts "A Phone Call That Attracts Commotion" (電話をひけば大さわぎ).
  33. A skit adapts the chapter "Diving for Clams at a Shabby Beach Shack" (潮干狩りならドブのなか), B skit adapts "A Large and Dispirited Circus" (ショボクレ大サーカス).
  34. A skit adapts the chapter ""The Cat Boy of Iyami's Circus" (イヤミサーカスのネコ少年), B skit adapts "Iyami Invents a Robot" (イヤミがロボット発明すれば).
  35. A skit adapts the chapter "Take Good Care of this Dog" (だいじにしよう おイヌさま), B skit adapts "Super Ants, Super Frog" (スーパーアリさん スーパーカエルさん).
  36. A skit adapts the chapter "Does Chibita No Longer Like Oden?" (チビ太はおでんがきらい?), B skit adapts "The Tanuki's Revenge, Tanuki Soba" (たぬきのあだうち たぬきそば).
  37. A skit adapts the chapter "Dad, Give Up Cigarettes" (とうさんもタバコをやめられる), B skit adapts "Dr. Dekapan's Flight Devices" (デカパン博士の空とぶキカイ).
  38. A skit adapts the chapter "Chibita is Really a Good Boy" (チビ太はほんとによい子だよ), B skit adapts "Envious of Childrens' Golf" (お子さまゴルフはうらやましいね).
  39. Adapts the chapter "Dekapan Derby" (デカパンダービーだス).
  40. A skit adapts ''Kantaro'' chapter ""It's the Speed-Crazy Kantaro", while B Skit adapts the ''Kantaro'' chapter ""Kantaro's Part-Time Job".
  41. A skit adapts the chapter "Who Does the Flower Belong To?" (花がさいたがだれのもの), B skit adapts "A Laughable Abduction" (ウヒョホとわらってゆうかいだ).
  42. Adapts the chapter "Chibita the Safe-Cracker" (チビ太の金庫やぶり).
  43. A skit adapts the chapter "Great Car Race of the Century: Sanzan Iyami Strategy" (世紀の珍自動車大レース・さんざんイヤミ作戦), B skit adapts "How Did Chibita Get So Happy?" (チビ太はどうしてしあわせになれたか).
  44. Adapts the chapter "The Ski Lodge is Brutal"(スキーのお宿はきびしいよ).
  45. A skit adapts the chapter "Where Did Papa's Bonus Go?" (パパのボーナスどこへいった?).
  46. A skit is original or of unknown source material, B skit adapts Kantaro chapter "Kantaro's Iron Man".
  47. A skit adapts the chapter "Why Won't This World Change?" (どうしてこの世はままならぬ).
  48. A skit adapts the chapter "A Snowy Inn that Leaves the Heart Pounding" (ハートがとびだす雪の宿), B skit adapts ''Kantaro'' chapter "Kantaro in the Stone Age".
  49. A skit adapts the chapter "Where Did the New Years' Card Go?" (どこへいくのか年賀状).
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