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Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha Gekijō
250px-Osomatsu-kun Hachamecha Gekijou Cover

Release Date

December 24, 1988


Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

Japanese Name

おそ松くん はちゃめちゃ劇場

Title Translation

Little Osomatsu: Nonsense Theater

Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha Gekijō (おそ松くん はちゃめちゃ劇場) is an action platformer game released in Japan on December 24, 1988, only on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis). This is the forth game for the Genesis and first original title and the last game for the Genesis released in 1988.


You play as Osomatsu for the entire game and your only weapon is a slingshot, though you can buy different items from Totoko's shop. The plot is that you have to save his brothers.