Kiku as she appear in Osomatsu-san.



2015 VA

Sumire Morohoshi

English VA


Hair Color

Black (Osomatsu-san anime)

Series appearance

Episode 43: Iyami, Alone in the Wind

Kiku, also known as Okiku-chan, is a character who appears in Episode 43 of Osomatsu-san series.

She is a revamping of the original Okiku character from the manga story "Iyami Alone in the Wind".


Kiku Adult

Kiku in her adult.

She has short hair clipped with a clip by shape of flower and wears a dress with a orange skirt. In her adult, she retain her own dress except now wearing Apron, during her work.

Personality & Characteristics

Kiku is a poor blind girl that sells flower on the street. her parent had died in what presumably in World War II. Her wish is that her eyes to be recover and sells all the flower he has, where Iyami sacrificing himself to get money for the surgery fee from American doctor that came to town mentioned by Dekapan.

She is also Chibita crush, where he tried every attempted to make her wish come true. However, being rejected as she only believe Iyami is the only one can be trusted. When day after day gone, Dekapan heard the news that the doctor are about to leave and return to the U.S. However, the money for the fee is not enough. Iyami had no choice to beg more money from the town but to no vain. So he try to rob Chibita for the money of surgery after witnessing his determination.

However, the cops spotting him and tried to arrest him for commit the crime. The town try to create diversion for him to escape and rush to train station to her for the money that is enough to cure her eyes and success, before being arrested and lock in cell. Some years later, her eyes has cured and had grown up, where she is now opening a flower store and become florist with Iyami name on it in honour him of his sacrifice, despite she doesn't know and see him in person.


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