The Kansai Twins (関西双子), also known as the Osomatsu and Choromatsu of Kansai, are a pair of twin brothers that show up in the TV Magazine run of the Osomatsu-kun manga.


The purpose of these twins would seem to serve as a loose remake of the alien impostors story from the Shonen Sunday run, where a situation involves the sextuplets suddenly appearing to be octuplets.

As the stories during this period were much more brief in gag nature, there is no context or preceding plot to show how these two wound up at the Matsuno house, other than to create another situation where the parents had to tell the real Osomatsu and Choromatsu apart from the fakes (although in this case, these are also actual young boys if unrelated).

Personality & Characteristics


They are of similar height and body type to The Sextuplets, bearing no differences in their appearance at all.

Like the six, they wear a long-sleeved uniform coat and lighter-colored pants.


The two are smart-mouthed young children that can blend in well enough with the Matsunos, and mimic the usual Osomatsu and Choromatsu just close enough to give their parents difficulty in telling them apart.

But while their lack of intelligence is very close to the two, their Kansai-ben accents and rough speech eventually wind up giving them away.


These two boys are revealed to have been born to parents who are exactly identical to Matsuyo and Matsuzo, but who have no other children. As part of the gag, it would seem there is no relation to the Matsuno family at all, although much different distant Kansai relatives had once existed in a setting before.

The two act nonchalant when blending in with the Matsuno brothers at first, only to act ruder and insistent that they're real and that the usual Osomatsu and Choromatsu are fakes when Matsuzo attempts to find out which sons aren't his.


  • The opening illustration has the Kansai Osomatsu identify himself as "Usomatsu" (lie/fake Matsu) as a gag, though for the purpose of the story, he and his brother would appear to actually be named Osomatsu and Choromatsu, just of an identical but not "Matsuno" family.
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