Jiguzo as he appears in episode 3 of the 2015 anime.



Voiced by

Wataru Takagi

English VA


Jiguzo is a character from the Osomatsu-san series.

Appearance & Personality

Jiguzo carries around a yellow chainsaw and has a mask-like face and a suit.

Jiguzo is from the same drama club as Karamatsu when they were kids. He has had a grudge against the person who put bird poop in his script to keep him from being the leading role in the club. At first he thinks that this person was Osomatsu, but the perpetrator ends up being Karamatsu, with the whole idea being Todomatsu's. Jiguzo also easily confuses the Matsuno brothers.

Episode Appearances

Episode 3

  • OAW 1 - Jiguzo believes that he has kidnapped Osomatsu. He remarks it has been 10 years since they had last met, but to his dismay, he has captured Ichimatsu instead.
  • OAW 2 - He thinks he has captured Osomatsu, but instead ends up with Karamatsu.
  • OAW 3 - Jiguzo, sensing a pattern asks "Osomatsu?", and again mistakes him for another of the sextuplets.
  • OAW returns - Jiguzo finally captures Osomatsu, which is made clear by his reaction to the situation. Jiguzo explains. "It was 10 years ago... When we we're in the drama club, in order to steal the leading role from me--", then gets interrupted by Osomatsu who tells him that it was Karamatsu who was in the drama club.
  • OAW Final - Jiguzo is now trying to capture Karamatsu, but ends up with Ichimatsu instead.
  • OAW Episode 0 - Jiguzo captures Iyami by mistake, obviously realizing his mistake right away.
  • OAW Truth - Jiguzo finally captures Karamatsu. He talks about the rest of his backstory, "--you put bird poop in my script to steal the leading role from me". Karamatsu recognizes Jiguzo, and Jiguzo is about to kill him with his chainsaw, but Karamatsu asks him to wait as the one who told him to do such an action was Todomatsu. Jiguzo, obviously frustrated, lashes out at the lamp,
  • OAW - Jiguzo is now trying to capture Todomatsu and end up yet again with Ichimatsu. At this point it is evident that Ichimatsu is also getting fed up with the constant mix-up, so Jiguzo apologizes.
  • Drive A OAW - Jiguzo ends up with Jyushimatsu this time. Jyushimatsu panics because it becomes obvious that Jiguzo doesn't care anymore and slowly steps forward to kill him. The scene then ends with a loud scream coming from Jyushimatsu as the door in front of him shuts.


  • His name is a reference to Jigsaw from the 2004 film, Saw, and his appearance is a reference to Chucky from the 1988 film, Child's Play.