Ventriloquism & Valentine Day
Osomatsu Episode 19

First aired on

February 12, 2018

Japanese title

ふくわ術 & バレンタインデー

Romaji title

Fukuwajutsu & Barentain Dē

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Episode 43: Iyami, Alone in the Wind

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Episode 45: Tidbits Collection 2

Episode 44: Ventriloquism & Valentine Day is the forty-four episode (nineteenth in second season) of Osomatsu-san.



President Dekapan

Osomatsu Episode 19 Segment 1

Dekapan is very happy that he had elected to become President.


Iyami, Chibita and Hatabō fake ventriloquism in front of a group of kids (and Jyushimatsu) to scam their money. Things get awkward when both Hatabō and Chibita wet and soil their pants respectively.

Suddenly an oil magnate arrives and offers a large sum of money and ask Iyami to his house for a party performance. Seeing the money, Chibita and Hatabō fight Iyami for it, forgetting they are supposed to be dolls. The kids find out that they are tricked and beat the trio up.
Osomatsu Episode 19 Segment 2

Iyami performing Ventriloquism with Chibita & Hatabō to trick all the children to give them money.

Valentine Day

Osomatsu Episode 19 Segment 3

The Sextuplets happy after making all the chocolate for the Valentine Day.

Delivery Skirt: The Story of Snow White that doesn't Actually Get Anywhere

Osomatsu Episode 19 Segment 4

Totoko & Nyaa arguing who is the cutest in the moment before both into fight.

Choromatsu laments on "having extra time" again, and prepares to do something (apparently not fapping) when Totoko and Nyaa bust in and make a delivery skit on Snow White.

The Queen (Totoko), asks the Mirror (Nyaa) on who's the cutest girl, and gets angry when the Mirror answers Snow White. Instead of finding Snow White and kill her, the Queen keeps asking the Mirror to change the answer. The Mirror ends up attacking the Queen and the two get in a fierce fight.

Choromatsu, like Chibita in previous "Totoko and Nyaa" skits, cowers in horror as the skit ends.


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President Dekapan

  • Some fans believe that the skit is a parody of Donald Trump.


  • The setting of the skit contradicts a previous setting, as Hatabō should be rich in Osomatsu-san.
  • The Oil Magnate is yet another character from Season 1 reappearing in Season 2. Other Season 1 characters who had returned in season 2 include the Girlymatsus (Episodes 30, 31, 33 and 35), Sacchi and Aida (Episodes 30 and 37), Jyushimatsu's Girlfriend (Episode 33) and Sanematsu (Episode 39)
  • When the trio's trickery is busted, the oil magnate looks crossed while Jyushimatsu curses the trio, but neither of them join the kids to beat the trio.

Valentine Day

  • The scene where the Sextuplets beg Totoko resembles the end of Episode 11.

Delivery Skit on Snow White

  • This is probably the first time that Nyaa enters the Matsuno household herself.
  • This is the second time, after Episode 3, that Nyaa has direct interaction with Choromatsu. However, she also cheered for the family in episode 25 and interacted with the re-styled Choro (with Totoko's soul inside) in episode 26.