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The Eitaro Family
Osomatsu Season 2 Episode 12

First aired on

December 18, 2017

Japanese title


Romaji title

Eitarō Oyako

Previous episode

Episode 36: Chibita's Revenge

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Episode 38: End of the Year

Episode 37: The Eitarou Family is the thirty seventh episode (twelfth in the second season) of Osomatsu-san.



Totoko and Nyaa 3

At Chibita's oden stand, Totoko laments herself but annoys Nyaa in the process.  Meanwhile, Chibita is overseeing his new hair growing.

Eventually, Totoko starts expressing the wish to give up her idol career, upon which Nyaa starts to sit close and offers to listen.  This greatly surprises Chibita.

The Eitaro Family

A kid called Eitaro starts following Jyushimatsu, who impresses him by showing him various funny moves, culmulating with "Final Fart Rush".  Ichimatsu and Todomatsu keep watching Jyushimatsu, expressing doubt but not interfering.

Eventually, Eitaro's mother invites Jyushimatsu to visit their home.  Jyushimatsu is unable to hide his lies (e.g. claiming a NEET to be "a baseball star" instead of "jobless") upon Eitaro's mother's request.  Nevertheless, despite Eitaro's mother beating Jyushimatsu up for his fart skit, she actually asks Jyushimatsu to help Eitaro, because his father's job needs the family to move frequently, and Eitaro is unable to make friends.


Eitarou having a first relationship with girl, before the moment being throw away by Jyushimatsu.

Despite skeptic from Ichi and Totty, Jyushimatsu successfully helps Eitaro to make friends at a school.  However, he gets furious when Eitaro goes as far as getting a girlfriend, and throws the couple into the air as an act of "expulsion".

Eitaro's mother is impressed nevertheless, and she now sits outside the Matsuno residence in her son's stead, hoping Jyushimatsu would teach her his skits.

Give That Back!

Dayon takes Dekapan's pants for no reason and the two begin a long chase.  The places they chase around include Dekapan's laboratory, every corner of the Akatsuka city, various places in the world, the outer space, even alternative dimensions as we usually see when video-gaming.

Totoko and Nyaa 4

After hearing Totoko's story, Nyaa expresses sympathy ... for one sentence before throwing hot oden at Totoko's face.  Totoko retaliates and the two fight ferociously, ending up destroying Chibita's oden stand.  As Chibita looks on with despair, his new hair detaches and flies away.



  • Eitaro appearing in Give that Back! (begging Jyushimatsu to forgive him and be his master again) suggests that both skits happen consequentially in-universe.
  • With the exception of Totty, all Matsuno brothers (together with Eitaro) get knocked out by Dayon and Dekapan chasing around them repeatedly. Each time two of the brothers (and Eitaro for Jyushi's case) are present.
  • The appearance of Osomatsu together with Ichimatsu at the Pachinko mirrors episode 34, where the two interact the most during Season 2 Cour 1.  In addition, this is the first time that Ichimatsu is seen at the Pachinko Parlour.
  • The appearance of Karamatsu together with Choromatsu at the Fishing Parlour mirrors episode 35, where the two interact the most during Season 2 Cour 1.
  • Todomatsu narrate the preview for the next episode.