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Iyami Has Arrived
Osomatsu Season 2 Episode 6

First aired on

November 6, 2017

Japanese title


Romaji title

Iyami ga Yattekita

Previous episode

Episode 30: Osomatsu-san in the Summer

Next episode

Episode 32: Osomatsu and Todomatsu

Episode 31: Iyami Has Arrived is the thirty first episode (sixth episode in second season) Osomastu-san.



This episode is divided into two parts.

Iyami's Coming

Matsuzō and Matsuyo went for a hot springs trip, deliberately leaving their sons behind with a few thousand yens. Osomatsu tries to claim them for gambling but the others stop them from reaching Choromatsu, who keeps the money.

Suddenly, Iyami enters the Matsuno household door and begs for food. The Sextuplets initially resist him, but Iyami helps out by devouring all the garbage from the Sextuplets (complete with new techniques of defecating in a totally clean and environmental-friendly way). The Sextuplets eventually help him out, give him money to play / gamble, and even allow him to sleep together at night.

Upon getting their promise that he can stay as long as he wishes, however, the next morning Iyami wears Osomatsu's clothes and starts to behave bad again. The Sextuplets tries to attack him with words, but the words cut open them instead, because they are exactly what they criticize about.

With all six brothers lying unconscious (presumably dead), Iyami successfully leave the house with everything from the Matsuno household. He triumphantly says "Evil would be punished", but the word becomes such a big weapon that not only Iyami, but the entire Akatsuka city is destroyed.

I Want Some Friends, Jo

Hatabō suddenly wears a gun and tries to rob Chibita's oden stand, demanding for a "friend". Chibita initially dismisses him, but Hatabō shoots Chibita in the head to show he's serious.

After some talking, Chibita brings Hatabō to Totoko for help. In turn, Totoko enlists help from the Sextuplets, Dekapan and Dayon. All of them spend the night chatting with Hatabō. Finally, the morning comes and Hatabō becomes happy. He bids farewell to everybody. Dekapan deduces that Hatabō is just a bit "insecure".

A few days later, however, Hatabō robs a bank, this time asking for a "girlfriend". Looking from outside with disgust, Chibita resigns in defeat.



  • Whenever Iyami shows sign of sloppiness or failure, Osomatsu and Karamatsu exchange insults at each other, saying the other "not to end up like this". In addition, Karamatsu doesn't address Osomatsu with the "niisan" (older brother) suffix during these exchanges, as younger brothers usually do.
  • The way that Iyami gets destroyed is similar to Kid Buu's demise in Dragon Ball Z.
  • After being shot by Hatabō, Chibita patches himself in the forehead in a style similar to Sharaku having his third eye covered.
  • Almost all of the Sextuplets are confused of Dekapan's comments, with only Ichimatsu seems understanding it.
  • At the end of the episode, the way Hatabō shoots is identical to the police officer in Tensai Bakabon.
  • Todomatsu narrate the preview for the next episode.