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March 14, 2016

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Episode 22B: Final Sheeeh

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Episode 23B: Dayon Tribe

Episode 23A: Kerosene is the first half of the twenty third episode of Osomastu-san.



In a cold winter evening, the Sextuplets are in the living room when the room heater goes out of kerosene. Except Jyushimatsu (who's sleeping), everybody gather around the Kotatsu.

They enter a silent dialogue and attempt to force Karamatsu go out and get kerosene, as hinted to have happened for the last few days. However, Karamatsu declares that "too much love would ruin a person" and refuses to go, even when Todomatsu pours boiling water onto his hand. Both Osomatsu and Ichimatsu loath at Karamatsu's newfound stubbornness.

Meanwhile, Jyushimatsu remains asleep and everyone else ponder on how he manages that. Choromatsu remarks that Jyushimatsu is such an idiot that he shouldn't be able to understand coldness.

After that, Todomatsu finds out Ichimatsu is trying to fake sleep, and Osomatsu resorts to using a piece of tissue to tickle Ichimatsu's nose. However, Ichimatsu doesn't wake up no matter how hard Osomatsu tries – the big brother manages to (literally) incinerate Ichimatsu but not waking him up.

While everyone is astonished by Ichimatsu's ability, Osomatsu suddenly needs to go to pee. Seeing Todomatsu giving out an evil smile, Osomatsu suddenly realizes that Todomatsu has been nice only to feed tea to him, filling up his bladder. As retaliation, Osomatsu pinches Todomatsu's foot, and the other brothers also joins Osomatsu because, as Choromatsu remarks, "it's easier to 'kill' you (Totty) than to wait for him (Oso) to pee". Enraged, Todomatsu declares that he wants fresh air and opens the windows, letting the blizzard get in and freezing everybody.

As the Sextuplets suffer from the coldness, the windows are suddenly shut. The brothers quickly realize that Jyushimatsu has got up and closed the window, and fear that Jyushimatsu might have been awake all the time. While they brush off this possibility by believing Jyushimatsu is either too kind or too dumb to fake sleep, Choromatsu asks Ichimatsu to check on Jyushimatsu anyway.

Unfortunately for them all, Jyushimatsu is actually awake, and when the brothers quickly become scared, Jyushimatsu suddenly speaks about the kerosene shortage. Everyone is shocked by Jyushimatsu's daring to state the obvious without going to refill kerosene himself. Jyushimatsu does get out after that, but instead of getting kerosene, he only goes to the kitchen to get himself some hot soup, before going asleep again.

When the brothers secretly accuses Jyushimatsu for his selfishness, Jyushimatsu speaks again:

I said, the kerosene is out, Choromatsu-niisan.

Being personally appointed for the job, Choromatsu falls into grave dispair and questions why Jyushimatsu appoints him. Meanwhile, all other brothers rejoice in relief, with Osomatsu and Todomatsu hugging each other for their "survival".



  • Some fans speculate that the reason Choromatsu gets "appointed" is that Jyushimatsu has sensed Choromatsu thinking him as an "idiot", and thus he appoints Choro as retaliation.