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Sheeeh! Sextuplets-zansu!
Osomatsu Kun 1988 Episode 1 Titlecard

First aired on

February 13, 1988

Japanese Title


Romanji Title

Sheeeh! Mutsugo-zansu!

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Next episode

Episdoe 2: I've Had It With Fortune Telling-zansu!

Sheeeh! The Sextuplets-zansu! is the first episode of Osomatsu-kun (1988).



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Voice Cast

Note: For the first few episodes, Hayashibara and Matsumoto were not billed in the cast as their respective sextuplets but instead had their names separated into an "Additional voice" block of names after the rest of the actors.

As with the rest of the series, only those roles considered an actor's primary one were also credited for the episode (eg: Mashiba only being billed as Hatabo, Matsui as Totoko, etc.)



  • Ichimatsu's role is split between three actresses in this episode, between certain lines. He is first performed by Megumi Hayashibara in the bedroom scene, with her splitting between him and Todomatsu. At the breakfast table, he is initially voiced by Mari Mashiba, due to Hayashibara being required to go next as Todomatsu, but is next voiced by Naoko Matsui for a subsequent line. However, when Iyami tries to raid the house and encounters Ichimatsu at the fridge, as well as when the boys spot Iyami's enlarged teeth, the voice actress reverts to Hayashibara.
  • The sleeping order of the sextuplets, as shown in the bedroom sequence, are as follows: Todomatsu (sleeps in a fetal position on his side), Karamatsu (also in a fetal position), Jyushimatsu (sleeps upside-down), Choromatsu (sleeps on belly), Ichimatsu (sleeps upright, points with feet due to mother restraining his arms), and Osomatsu (sleeping upside-down and in fetal position to hide from his mom).

Animation Errors

  • When Matsuzo is asking for Osomatsu's whereabouts at the table, Choromatsu's voice comes from the viewers' right side rather than the left, while Ichimatsu's voice comes from where Choromatsu would be seated; the following shot shows Ichimatsu to instead be sitting near Matsuzo at the table. A later scene also has Choromatsu and Karamatsu's places at the table swapped, when they're fighting over a bowl of rice (Choromatsu was previously seen as the boy asking for more food, while Karamatsu was busy handing it out from a pot).
  • Iyami's mustache briefly disappears during the chase scene inside the building.