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Year-End Special-san
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First aired on

December 21, 2015

Japanese title


Romaji title

Nenmatsu Supesharu-san

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Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san

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Episode 13: Sanematsu-san, Girlymatsu-san, & Accident?

Episode 12: Year-End Special-san is the twelfth episode of Osomastu-san.




Episode 12 Screenshot 1

The episode starts off with Osomatsu telling Totoko that this episode will look back at each of the sextuplets, and determine which one will be the biggest loser. She gets excited and calls him various insults, which upsets him a little since he says that she's still cute.

What Did You Say?

Episode 12 Screenshot 2

After looking back at Osomatsu's moments, Totoko wonders what the bleeped words were, she then thinks that that it's a word (that is also bleeped out), which shocks Osomatsu.

Pretty Painful

Episode 12 Screenshot 3

After looking back at Karamatsu's moments, Osomatsu says that his brother's painfulness is "pretty reliable", while Totoko says that it makes you want to punch him.

His Annoying Self

Episode 12 Screenshot 4

After looking back at Choromatsu's moments, Osomatsu says that his brother acts way too proper and boring, while Totoko says that he might show his true self in the second season.

Similar To Him

Episode 12 Screenshot 5

After looking back at Ichimatsu's moments, Totoko says that she can relate to his angerness, which startles Osomatsu

The Good One

Episode 12 Screenshot 6

After looking back at Jyushimatsu's moments, the duo agree that he hasn't done anything bad, and look forward to seeing him in the second season, with an evil laugh and sporting devil horns and tails.

I'm The Cute One

Episode 12 Screenshot 7

After looking back at Todomatsu's moments, Totoko becomes angry at Osomatsu for thinking that Aida and Sacchi are cuter than her, she then punches him in the stomach, which knocks him out.

And The Loser Is...

Episode 12 Screenshot 8

After looking back at each of the sextuplets moments, the loser is revealed to be all of them including Totoko. Angrily, they then finish the episode and walk off...