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Eitaro appears in Osomatsu-san.



2015 VA

Yumiko Kobayashi

English VA


Hair Color

Brown (Osomatsu-san anime)

Series appearance

Episode 37: The Eitaro Family

Eitarou is a new character introduced in Osomatsu-san.


Eitarou is a short boy and wears handy Jeans with a button up shirt. After spending weeks with Jyushimatsu, he wear the same outfit as him.

Personality and traits

Eitarou is an lonely kid, who has trouble making friends due to his parents job causing him to move a lot. But, this changes after meeting Jyushimatsu, and he plays with and cheers him up the whole day, week and month. Until, it finally comes to terms with his mother suspecting him for poisoning her son's mind with all his behavior. However, she finally accepts him to be his mentor to help him interacting with other kids. In which, he wouldn't dare to do it. Eventually, he overcomes it and successfully. Until, in the last minutes and surpassed his mentor by getting girlfriend. where has Jyushimatsu had failed to do so the whole life.

Episode appearances