Christmas Couple
Christmas Couple
The Christmas Couple as they appear in episode 11 of Osomatsu-san.


Female & Male

2015 VA

Yoji Ueda (Boyfriend-kun), Momoko Saito (Girlfriend-chan)

English VA


Hair Color

Brown & Green (Osomatsu-san anime)

Series appearance

Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san

Christmas Couple (nameless, but officially referred to as "Boyfriend-kun and Girlfriend-chan") are recurring characters that appear sporadically throughout both seasons of Osomatsu-san.


These characters are a glimpse at normal people in the sextuplets' world, who unlike them, show clear signs of progression in their states and relationship.

Personality and Characteristics


The girl has short brown hair and wears a snow suit. While the boy is wearing glasses and snow suit and wrapping with blanket at his neck.

In Episode 30: Osomatsu-san in the Summer, the girl is wearing a pink maternity dress. While the boy wears a white work shirt.


Both are rather average, and are more or less significant bystanders that come into contact with a certain sextuplet during their appearances.

They debut in Episode 11: Christmas Osomatsu-san during the second segment, where Ichimatsu is sitting at the same bench with them and asking about their plans after the date is over, while glaring at them them. While they calmly attempt to make conversation with him, he later bursts into flames out of anger and jealousy and scares them away.

They reappear in Episode 24B: Letter, in which they pull Ichimatsu up from collapsing outside out of hunger. They are shown to be concerned for him, but the three people go their separate ways.

After some time into season 2, the couple appear again in Episode 30: Osomatsu-san in the Summer in a brief cameo. It is revealed that the two got married and the girl is pregnant, they are taking a stroll when Karamatsu interrupts and tries to impress them under the alias Summer Kamen.

Episodes appearance