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Aida & Sacchi
Aida and sacchi
Aida & Sacchi in episode 2B.

Aida's VA

Aya Endo

Sacchi's VA

Momoko Saito

Aida's English VA


Sacchi's English VA


First Appearance

Episode 2B: The Melancholy of Osomatsu

Aida & Sacchi (Sachiko) (サチコ&アイダ) are minor characters from Osomatsu-san. They make multiple small appearances throughout the show and are usually seen together.



Aida has wavy, dark brown hair that she often wears down. Her eyes are a shining brown, and her facial and bodily features are plump and round. She normally dons a blue frilly dress and carries a light beige tote bag, when not wearing her Sutabaa work uniform.


Sacchi has long, light brown hair, which she ties into a ponytail using a mint green bow. Her eyes are wide and hold a hazel-esque tint, and her features are thin and angular. She dresses herself in a light purple frilled blouse and darker purple a-line skirt, when she is not dressed in her Sutabaa work uniform. She often carries with her a baguette-style bag.


Both Aida and Sacchi generally act as "stereotypical cute girls"; they are often seen giggling together, gossiping, or otherwise acting as dreamy, seemingly unattainable girls for the Matsuno brothers to fawn (and despair) over. They tend to be sociable and even somewhat gullible, yet do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of (particularly by men like Karamatsu).

Episode Appearances

Episode 2B

In "The Melancholy of Osomatsu," they are seen chatting amongst one another on a bridge, eyeing Karamatsu, who is standing near them and giving them odd looks and "flirtatious" flicks of the sunglasses. In Karamatsu's fantasy, they are shown squealing about how "cool" Karamatsu is, and arguing over who should approach him first; in reality, however, they are just scoffing about how creepy he looks. Karamatsu refers to them as his "Karamatsu Girls."

Episode 7A

In "Todomatsu and the Five Demons," they are Todomatsu's coworkers at Sutabaa, a downtown, upper-class café establishment. They chat frequently with him and seemingly consider him to be a friend--though this is jeopardized once Todomatsu's brothers show up at the café. They believe Todomatsu's lie about being an upper-class citizen who attends Keio University, and even go so far as to invite him to a mixer. At the end of the episode, they are shown disdainfully chatting amongst other friends about how strange and disappointing the mixer ended up being.

Episode 10

Aida and Sacchi briefly appear on a promotional flyer for Atami that Osomatsu shows to Choromatsu.

Episode 11

Sacchi is shown as one of the women on Hatabo's cruise ship destined for Finland.

Episode 30

In all three "Exile" segments, both are hanging out with Todomatsu (Totty) again, which is the direct reason that the other Matsuno brothers "exile" their youngest sibling.

Episode 37B

Aida is seen with Totty outside a coffee shop when Dayon and Dekapan chase around.  Dekapan snatches Totty's hat causing Totty to get mad.


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  • Their names were derived from the names of the Japanese pop duo Wink; Shoko Aida and Sachiko Suzuki.